Lemzoparlimab, a Differentiated Anti-CD47 Antibody in Combination with Rituximab in Relapsed and Refractory Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: Initial Clinical Results

Blockade of CD47 and SIRPα interaction results in inhibition of “do not eat me” signal to promote phagocytosis and has emerged as an attractive cancer treatment option. As an antibody class, targeting CD47 pathway often leads to significant anemia and thrombocytopenia in pre-clinical and clinical studies as CD47 is expressed on red blood cells and platelets. Lemzoparlimab (also known as TJC4 is a differentiated CD47 IgG4 antibody targeting a distinct CD47 epitope that enables a unique red blood cell sparing property. Clinical studies conducted by I-Mab thus far demonstrated that lemzoparlimab did not induce significant hematologic toxicity and did not require priming dose regimen. Lemzoparlimab retains a strong ability to induce phagocytosis of lymphoma cells and exhibits an enhanced treatment effect when combined with rituximab in xenograft models.