Rong Shao, PhD

Professor Rong Shao has served as our independent director since June 2021.

Professor Shao is a professor of drug administration policies and regulations, the Executive Deputy Director of the Research Center of National Drug Policy & Ecosystem (NDPE) and the Director of the NMPA Key Laboratory of Drug Regulatory Innovation and Evaluation, at China Pharmaceutical University. She has been engaged in the research and education of drug policies and regulations for more than three decades and has contributed to the development of China’s drug regulatory innovation and reform, including serving as an expert committee member for NMPA in the revision of Drug Administration Law (2019).

Professor Shao is currently a board member and the committee chair in academic associations, such as the China Pharmaceutical Association and the China Society for Drug Regulation. She is also an editorial board member of China Pharmacy, Chinese Journal of New Drugs, and Chinese Journal of Health Policy. Professor Shao holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacy Administration from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, bachelor’s degree in Medicinal Chemistry from China Pharmaceutical University, and bachelor’s degree in Law from Nanjing University. Professor Shao is a Chinese practicing lawyer.