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Value Realization

Clinical validation

Global out-licensing deals

New CD47 Antibodies


Value Realization

Fast-to-market in China

Maximize commercial value

Eftansomatropin Alfa


R&D Engine

Competitive advantages in immuno-oncology

Globally competitive pipeline in 3 generations

Our Proven Value Creation Model Is
Enabled by Differentiated Global Capabilities

Deep Immunology Expertise

  • Led by principal scientists with decades of research and drug discovery expertise in pharma R&D
  • Extensive research in immune regulatory pathways
  • 200+ publications by in-house experts in high-impact scientific journals
  • 12 novel drug molecules advanced into the clinic since 2016

Global Clinical Development

  • Led by world-renowned oncologists with global clinical and drug development expertise in hematology and solid tumors
  • Excellent track record in developing innovative oncology drugs
  • 300+ medical science publications by in-house experts in high-impact journals
  • 14 trials conducted in China, 8 trials conducted in the US, involving more than 1,000 patients worldwide by I-Mab
Note: Achievements accumulated during their careers.

Shanghai – Global HQ

  • Global corporate operations
  • Discovery powerhouse
  • Clinical operations in multiple sites across China

Maryland – Global HQ

  • Global clinical development
  • Clinical operations in multiple sites across the U.S.

Other Locations

  • Beijing – Clinical operations and regulatory
  • Guangzhou – Clinical operations
  • I-Mab Hangzhou – GMP manufacturing facility
  • Lishui – GSP company
  • Hong Kong – Capital market
  • San Diego – Translational medicine

Global Partnerships

  • > 15 deals
  • ~ $1.5B total deal value
  • Including the landmark deal with AbbVie

Commercial Partnerships

  • > 5 deals
  • ~ $345M total deal value
  • Including the landmark deal with Jumpcan
Note: Refers to the aggregate value for the relevant deals that the Company entered into on a cumulative basis. For details of each relevant deal, please refer to the disclosure filed or furnished by the Company with the SEC.

Our business is powered by our diverse and experienced global talents

  • 70%

    R&D Personnel

  • 70%

    Female Employees

  • 61%

    Global Experience

  • 60%

    Advanced Degrees

We have a professional management team with proven track record of success