Fighting COVID-19 together: What top medical experts from the US and China say

Frontline Clinical Practice Exchange Webinar: Severe COVID-19 Patient Management

As medical communities around the world fight to“flatten the curve” health care providers on the frontlines are realizing that now—more than ever—we must be united.

To meet this urgent need, I-Mab, in collaboration with American Academy of Medical Education and Ding Xiang Yuan, brought together distinguished clinical experts from the US and China on April 18, via virtual webinar, to share insights and important lessons from the frontlines of treating and managing COVID-19 patients.

Hosted by Dr. Lan Qin, Executive Committte Member of the American Academy of Medical education, and Dr. Joan Shen, CEO of  I-Mab and guest professor at the Peking University Clinical Research Institute, attendees and speakers had the opportunity to share and enhance their understanding on how to diagnose and manage severe COVID-19 patients.

“We must work together to fight against the virus. If there is one country that cannot be controlled, we will not win the battle in the end,” said keynote speaker Dr.Zhang Wenhong, infectious disease expert from Huashan Hospital, who is also leading Shanghai's COVID-19 Clinical Expert Group.

“I have been involved in virology for a long time but in this new situation, I am in the mode of a student, and am honored to learn from and collaborate with my distinguished colleagues from China,” said Dr. Marcel Curlin, from the Division of Infectious Diseases, Oregon Health and Science University.

Many countries are at different stages of handling thiscrisis, but what they all need is more shared knowledge from our globalhealthcare community—from specialists to scientists, researchers, and policymakers— these pockets of collaboration will accelerate our road to recovery.

“We hopethat global communities will continue to break barriers; the flow of knowledgeand expertise across geographical, cultural, social and political boundariesmay well be the answer to finding solutions to test, treat and managepatients,” said Dr. Joan Shen, CEO of I-Mab, and guest professor at the PekingUniversity Clinical Research Institute.

List of Speakers:

Dr. Wenhong Zhang, director, Department of Infectious Disease, Huashan Hospital

Dr. Shengqing Li, director, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Huashan Hospital

Dr. Shu Chen, chief physician, Department of Infectious Disease, Huashan Hospital

Dr. Marcel Curlin, Associate Professor, Division of Infectious Disease, Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)

Dr. Jinghong Li, from Division of Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine, University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

Dr. Lee Peng, from Paoli Memorial Hospital

Dr. Gen Wen,from Geisinger Medical Center

Dr. Joan Shen, CEO, I-Mab, Adjunct Professor, Peking University

Dr. Lan Qin,Professor of Neurology, UMASS Medical School and Executive Committee Member American Academy of Medical Education

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