Unmet Needs

Cancer is a devastating disease. Immunotherapy can harness the body’s immune system to fight cancer.

Immune checkpoint inhibitors are revolutionary immunotherapy drugs; however, the response rates in some cancer types are still very low.

Addressing unmet needs, our cutting-edge science focuses on innovative antibodies to fine-tune the immune network in cancer.

Key Products

Unique Design

Unique intra-dimer binding through a C-terminus epitope of CD73 on tumor cell

Key Differentiation

  • Complete CD73 inhibition without the “hook effect”
  • Inhibition by a non-competitive manner, full target occupancy and sustained blockade compared to small-molecule inhibitor
  • Potentially superior anti-tumor activity, especially in an adenosine-rich tumor micro-environment

Unique Design

Immune activation only upon tumor engagement

Key Differentiation

  • Immune response targeted towards tumor cells, with minimal systemic toxicity
  • Better efficacy than Claudin 18.2 or 4-1BB monotherapy, or combo

Selected Publications